OTMs Reminder

Remember that OTMs are due by August 10th!


Here’s the link to the WHIL website!!

OTM Winners for April!

Advisor: Tracey Pearson (UWSP)
Community Service Program: Save Second Base (UWW)
Diversity Program: Intertribal Student Council Powwow (UWGB)
Educational Program: Kick Start Your Summer (UWP)
Executive Board Member: Dean Hable (UWP)
First Year Student: Jordan Atwater (Carthage)
Institution Faculty/Staff: Ron Strege (UWSP)
Organization: Social Justice Issues Committee (UWSP)
Residence Life Faculty/Staff: Dawn Abernathy (UWGB)
Passive Program: Tunnel of Oppression (UWSP)
Resident Assistant: Andrew Haugen (UWGB)
Residential Community: Bob Schaefer Hall (UWGB)
Social Program: Mean Girls 10th Anniversary (Carthage)
Spotlight: Pickards’ Relay for Life Team (UWP)
Student: Sydney Denstorff (UWP)

French Dip

Here is a link to the French Dip Website!



French Dip Registration!

Heres the link to the registration page!



Only one more day and WURHA begins!!!!!!!!!

Past Bids

The website has been updated and there is now an archive of past bids under the Resources tab.

OTM Winners for October!!!

Advisor: Maria Glorioso – UWW
Bulletin Board: Ashley Wright Lannoy – UWW
Community Service Program: Dobson Hall Trick or Treat – UWPlatt
Diversity Program: Ted Talks and Teddy Grahams – UWEC
Educational Program: Breast Feast – UWEC
Executive Board Member: Emily Tittle – UWEC
First Year Student: Malcolm Farrell-Mitchell – UWEC
Institution Faculty/Staff: Georjenna Wilson-Doenges – UWGB
Organization: Horan Hall Council – UWEC
Passive Program: Breast Cancer Awareness – Carthage
Residence Life Faculty/Staff: Jenni Perdzock – Carthage
Resident Assistant: Brennan Reynolds: Carthage
Residential Community: Sutherland 2C – UWEC
Social Program: Eagle Hall Haunted House – UWL
Spotlight: MIO Artist Office – UWO
Student: Gena Wilson – UWO

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Hello WURHA!

Just wanted to let you know that there have been a few updates to the site. The constitutions are now up to date as well as the member page.

I hope you all have a wonderful time at GLACURH if you are attending!

October Updates

Hello Gang! This post contains the information Nicole sent out the other day. If you are still not on the e-mailing list contact Nicole (our president) so that you can receive this information! All of our contact information is located under the “member” tab!

Peace, Love, Moo!

1. OTM Coordinators- Kayla needs every school to send them their OTM Coordinators or contact person for OTMs with their name and email address. Please send that to her via email by Wednesday McintoshKM17@uww.edu.

2. Constitution- The dship will be meeting weekly on Thursday evenings. We are going to review different parts of the Constitution weekly to get that up to date and write legislation. If you have been working on any legislation and want to bring that up during BLT I need you to send that to me by Thursday at 4 pm. Legislation for BLT will be up on the website by Friday for you to review and bring questions to BLT.

3. Open Positions-We have two open positions on the directorship. If you know of anyone who is well versed in parliamentary procedure please send me an email with their contact information asap. Also we have the MCC to fill. The MCC is in charge of updating the website, social media, and taking care of anything that involves technology.
4. Boardroom Buddies- This is where you will get a name and you pass small fun gifts to pass during boardroom to play with. If you would like to be apart of boardroom buddies at BLT I need you to send an email to Kelly (beall.kell@uwlax.edu) with:
A) favorite color
B) favorite snack
C) favorite animal
D) shirt size
E) random interest
5. French Dip- Currently no school has sent in a bid to host the French Dip business conference in the spring. If you are interested we will be discussing French Dip and if you have an intent to bid please send that to me by Thursday at 4 pm.
6. Breakouts- During BLT there will be a time to breakout with your group (wcc’s, whil cc’s, advisor’s, president’s) and discuss ideas, concerns questions you might have. We are asking you to think ahead of time to be able to discuss during that time.
7. CC Survey- All schools need to submit one CC survey so that the WURHA conference chairs can help their staff prepare for the conference. https://docs.google.com/a/uwlax.edu/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHN4SVE5SWtiRXg2aDJpX2NObjhoSFE6MQ
8. BLT Registration- If you have not already registered for BLT please please please get that information sent to Drew ASAP!
If you have any questions about all of the information (which is a lot) please don’t be afraid to ask.

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